Leaving a Legacy

If you dream of providing support and aiding with research for generations to come, there’s a very important decision you can make. Choosing to remember Octavia's Trust with a donation in your will is the perfect way to let your care and compassion for our cause continue in years to come.

Leaving a gift to us in your will mean you will be providing future generations with a greater chance to understand and help reduce the risk of stillbirths and late stage miscarriages. Something families in the past may not have had.

Once you have outlined inheritance and amenities for your family and loved ones then you may wish to consider our small charity, no matter how small your donation, every little bit helps. Whether it be part of a donation to multiple charities, we greatly appreciate any token of generosity.

We would be more than happy to discuss the multitude of ways you can leave a legacy in your name and help provide for the future.

Please note - We do recommend speaking to a solicitor to help draw up a will if you are considering leaving a donation in your name, however please feel free to contact us and discuss how you would like to be commemorated along with your generous donation.