Our posters!

Well, after much stressing about the design we finally got our images sent to WJ Harrison printers and last week they were ready to pick up. I have to say they looked amazing, really professional. Harrison's did an amazing job. I felt quite excited as I went into Lincoln to hand them out. That is until I actually had to go into a shop to ask if I could put the poster up or leave flyers. Then I felt sick with nerves! I need not have worried though, everyone was really lovely and a few even said they would think about attending! So if you are shopping in Lincoln any time soon keep an eye out for our "Roaring Twenties" charity ball posters.

Once again a big thank you to WJ Harrison Printers for donating the printing of the posters and for doing such an amazing job. cannot recommend them enough. Take a look at them here http://www.harrison-printers.co.uk/




Posted on August 22, 2016 .