Talking to the media

Well, the last few weeks its been a real learning curve. I am normally a rather private person, I don't do twitter or facebook and selfies have passed me by. Don't get me wrong I am very open person when it comes to chatting with my friends, and I a don't make a secret of Daniel's and my loss. I'm just not a person who shares readily with anonymous strangers, you know by doing an interview in the local press or on a local radio station. So to find myself sharing my most personal story, the loss of our little Octavia, to complete strangers was something of a turn around. 

When I called The Lincolnshire Echo  I really just wanted to talk about our upcoming charity ball, and gloss over the reasons we set up our charity. But talking to Caroline, the lovely reporter from the Echo, I realized that just wasn't going to cut it. People need to know the people behind the statistics. Its not enough to say that ten lives are lost to stillbirth every single day in the UK, I needed to tell people that my baby daughter was one of those ten, tell people how it felt to be told she had died and that there was nothing that could be done as it had already happened. And so I did, it was nerve wracking and I felt physically sick before the echo was published but the article was brilliant and the response from people was heartwarming. 

It made me realize how important local media were to our cause, so next up was a visit to Lincoln City radio. Buoyed by the confidence boost that talking to Caroline had given me it wasn't until I was sat in the chair whilst the presenter, Tony, introduced the news and next song that I began to get the wobbles. "what was I thinking? Talking on the radio, I am going to either dissolve into tears, or spend the entire time stuttering". Thankfully once Tony began to interview me it was fine. He was such a nice person it was more like having a chat with a friend and I felt completely at ease.

Thanks to these interviews I have opened up about our story on our website, and set up a facebook page too. I had been using Daniel's old facebook page, but I really got into facebook so ended up setting up my own page, so I can bore people silly with pictures of cute cats.

So I am glad I went ahead with the interview because I want Octavia's Trust to be a success, I want people to know how common stillbirth and late stage miscarriages are, I want people to know the devastation they cause to those behind. I want people to know that the numbers are not changing. That despite all our advances elsewhere, the rate of stillbirth has not changed for decades. This is not something society should be brushing under the carpet with platitudes like "these things just happen". Because the loss of a child should not just happen. And so I am going to keep talking to any media that will listen

Posted on August 19, 2016 .