Our First Octavia Scholar

We have recently had some great news. The very first recipient of an Octavia Trust bursary has finished her dissertation for her master's degree. Not only that but she came top of her year, is having a paper published and will be presenting an abstract at a conference in America next year, and now wants to pursue a career in research.

We are so pleased with this result. We are a tiny charity, but this is a real tangible;e result, that has made a difference. Charities are getting a bad rap at the moment, but for charities such as us it is very difficult. We do not have employees or even volunteers such as professional fundraisers or PR people, we do not have a brand name and awareness, we cannot advertise professionally, we do not have our own premises. Literally everything is done from my kitchen table, sometimes I have even had my baby on my lap as I have been working and I make calls as I walk to nursery or make the beds. But I think this is what charity about, its about people realising there is a problem to be solved and trying to solve it. We do not need to be big to make a difference. We just need hard work and more importantly your support. So thank you.

Posted on October 7, 2016 .